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The world of Johnny Madrid Lancer


These are little 55 or more word drabbles about Johnny, I and my friends had fun

writing. I thought I would share with ya all. I do hope you enjoy.


A SERIES OF FIRSTS........By Liette


She stops the buggy at the top of the crest. We both get up, taking a look at the valley below.

"There it is. Lancer. The most beautiful place in the world," she says.

It takes my breath away. Never have I seen something so majestic, so beautiful. I wonder what my newfound brother thinks.



Murdoch Lancer. What does he look like? Mama never said. Guess I’ll see soon enough.

I follow Mr. Dandy. We step inside a large room and I suddenly find myself in front of him – the man who kicked us out, Mama and me.

Dios, he’s huge. He could kill me with his bare hands. Scary!



Well, the girl outdid herself, obviously. How does she expect me to eat all of this? Never seen that much food in front of me at one time.

And what’s all this? Is Murdoch Lancer trying to impress me with his fortune? Scott doesn’t seem impressed. Well, I’m not gonna let him sucker me in.



Said it was my room when I was here. Don’t remember. Wish I could.

Should I unpack? I don’t even know if I’ll stay here. The Ol’ Man, he sure acts tough. I bet he never gives an inch. But I’ll show him I don’t either. I’ll show him Johnny Madrid ain’t afraid of him



I barge in his room, half-dressed. Thought I’d 

shock him. "Come in," he says. Guess I was wrong.

I play with his things. Seems to work. Teresa 

barges in… Now, THAT got him.

"Doesn’t anyone ever knock around here?" he asks.

"Oh, think of me like a sister," she answers.

I smile. Think I’ll stay.


I Decide ...series Vickie

I Decide

I decide when I’m ready to ride and how fast I’ll go.

I get to decide which horse is gentle enough and how far I go.

I’m a man, have been since I was 12.

I don’t take orders. I decide what I will do and when I will do it.

Ok, I’ll do it.


The Promise

"Johnny, be reasonable!

You know Sam and I don’t want you riding for a few more days."

"But I’ve ridden with worse; to survive, you know?"

"You’re not well enough to ride Barranca, promise you won’t ride your horse?"

"You asking, old man, or telling?"

"I’m asking, son."

"OK, I promise not to ride Barranca."



I’m so bored it’s not funny.

I want to ride.

Sam and Murdoch won’t let me.

Scott just gives me that stern big brother look.

I’ve been hurt worse.

I’m old enough to decide when I’m ready to get back on a horse and which one.

But Murdoch asked, so I decided not to ride.


A Decision Made

I promised I wouldn’t ride Barranca.

Never promised I wouldn’t ride.

I just got to ride before I go crazy

Which horse should I ride?

I know; I’ll ride the old man’s horse.

He’ll never know; he’s so busy with them books.

He doesn’t need him right now anyway.

Jelly, Murdoch needs his horse saddled.


Found Out

"Hey, Teresa, Scott, Hey Murdoch.

Murdoch! What in tarnation are ya doing here?

Where’d ya put yur horse?"

"Jelly, what are you talking about now?

My horse should be in the corral. I don’t need him today.

Scott and I need to get these books done."

"But Johnny said you needed him saddled."


The Rant

He has done what?

He promised me he would not ride Barranca!

Sir, he is not riding Barranca.

How did he think he could get away with this?

Does boy has a death wish?

Scott saddle some horses, we’re going after him.

When I find him he won’t be riding any horse let alone mine.



"But Murdoch, he didn’t lie to you; don’t you see?

He promised not to ride Barranca and he isn’t."

"Scott, he knows he’s not supposed to be riding."

"Yes, but you know how impulsive he can be.

Besides what’s he got to do while he heals?

You need to calm down before we catch up?"



"Johnny Lancer what are you doing in town?

Didn’t I tell you ‘no riding’?

Now you’ve been in a bar fight?

Don’t know why I’m bothering to patch you up. Your pa is going to have your hide. Scott will take care of what’s left," growled Sam.

"Johnny!" bellowed Murdoch.

"Uh oh, I can explain!"



"You deserve a visit to the woodshed, boy. What should I do with you? What will get through that thick skull of yours to make you see we don’t want to lose you?"

"Never had someone care so much about me. Think maybe we could try again. You not whupping me, is a good start."

An Cowboy's Easter Poem

An Cowboy's Easter

Last night I dreamt I had run my race

And reached the finish line

And walked the darkened desert path

That waits for all in time

And when I reached the trailhead there

I was rounded up and penned

Inside the ranch that's called The Grave

The destiny of men

Well, the ramrod was a wicked man

His name was simply Death

Who ruled over all the herd

Of those who once drew breath

And in the center of the ranch

Was a spring of water sweet

That sang to us of life anew

As we suffered in the heat

But struggle though we tried and tried

We never could get near

The ramrod had a gun of fire

And a whip of solid fear

But when our hopes had died away

And turned into despair

A mighty wondrous thing occurred

For all the mortals there

A cowboy rode into the ranch

And the ramrod seemed to pale

For this had never happened

But he had heard the tale

For ancient legend had it

That one day a man would ride

Down the dark and twisted path

With a wound upon his side

And his hands would also bear twin scars

And his hat would hide a crown

And he would take this ranch

And he would cast it down

Now this cowboy really looked the part

His shirt was stained with blood

And his reins were also slick with it

Where he held them in his gloves

But battle weary though he was

His eyes held naught of fear

And all of us who saw him

Felt salvation was near

And though the ramrod has been called

Pale Rider as you know

Never had he looked so pale

As he faced his mighty foe

And the cowboy swung down from his horse

And he faced the one called Death

Then all of Heaven and of Earth

They all just held their breath

And the cowboy spoke to Death

So everyone could hear

"Do not mistake me for the lamb.

I am a lion here."

"The price I paid to walk this path

Was steep, but gladly paid.

And now I call you out

For your destiny is laid."

And on his hip a sixgun shone

Forged by divinity

And on his holster was a brand

The mark of Trinity

And Death went for his gun of fire

But the cowboy was too fast

And in a flash of blessed light

The age of Death was pastby John Pierce

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

The Doll.........By Marilyn

He stood among the ashes, remembering. But nothing looked familiar, for there was only darkness before.

He walked through the ruins, still pondering why he came back.

Then he saw it, picked it up, closed his eyes and smiled. 'Lem's house, Mattie's room, her doll.' he whispered and wept.


 Hopeless Thoughts

'I wonder if they found Evans yet?' He silently pondered, twiddling with his barcelet while endlessly staring at the door.

'What if they don't, do I loose it all....again. This time for good? And what would this do to my family? Dios, damn you Barker, you son....of!'

The door creeks open, "Hi"



Desperate Words

'I see it in his eyes, the answer to my question, NO!' Johnny frowned and leaned back against the wall.

'I also see the pain that Barker caused. And I now hear these words he is saying, desperate words. And my heart aches for him.

"Think about it!"

"No I already have, I'm not running."


Private Lessons


"What do you mean no? You turning down your brother?"


"Ah, come on, Scott, just this once? I'll owe ya." Johnny pleaded.

"You don't even know this girl!"

"That's why I need your help."

Sighing, "Alright. But in Private."

"Fine with me."

"Well, what do you want to learn first?"

"The Waltz!"



He stared down at them, his eyes glistened with pride. She fought valiantly and won, and I now hold her prize in my arms.

He nods with confidence as I finish up. He slowly walks over and gently nudges his offspring.

"Come on, you can do it."

He takes his first steps, Barranca's colt.


Mixed Emotions.....series of three

Maria picked up her nino`, walked to the window, peered down into the shadows where he waits. Her heart and mind torn between freedom and the bondage, that was drowning her free spirit. Here she had wealth, security, but still it wasn't enough.

The nino` wakes, "mama?"

"Hush, my hijo, we must go now."


No turning back.

Her child cried as they rode off into the night, "Papa." his little arms reaching out towards the fading lights. But her mind is made up, there is no turning back. "This has to be." she declared.

Taking her hijo into her arms, "this is for the best."

"No mama, I want papa." He cried.


The Lie

Maria looked into her son's sad blue eyes, her heart breaking, but held strong. "Oh, mi hijo, one day you will understand. Your papa does not want But you have a new papa now, he will love you as his own."

Johnny looks up at the man with his cold eyes, and cries.



A Time of Beginning......By Belinda

Tick, Tick, Tick,

The doctor has been up there so long. How much Longer? He would tell me if any thing were wrong wouldn't he?

Tick, Tick, Tick,

I hear the door open. someone is coming. Oh, it's just Consuala. What is she carrying? She's holding the bundle out to me.

"Senor, your new son."

"Welcome to the world Johnny."


Time For a New Beginning

Tick, Tick Tick,

It's been so long. I hope the stage is on time. Will he remember me from that one meeting on his fifth birthday?

Tick, Tick, Tick,

Thank goodness Teresa is with him. Why am I so nervous? He's a fine looking man.

"Who is that standing next to him? I don't believe it. It's him!


Time of fear

Tick, Tick, Tick,

It's been so long. How long does it take to remove a bullet? What was that boy thinking?

Tick, Tick, Tick,

Thank goodness here comes the doctor.


"Calm down Murdoch. The boy will recover in time.

"It was close. It was to close. I could have lost him again."


 I Am............By Texas Jan

I am a gunfighter. A gunhawk. A hired gun. 

Some say a soul beyond redemption.

I am known by people around the border towns. I am feared by most but respected by some.

I am the builder of my reputation.

I am proud of my trade.

I am very Dangerous.

I am Johnny Madrid.